Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Antoine Dodson is the best present I've ever recieved

I'm not sure if there is anyone out there who HASN'T heard of Antoine Dodson and the Bed Intruder Song by now, but if you're reading this and you haven't, please watch these videos and commence rolling on the floor in laughter. And if you them again because they never get old.

The 1:00 minute mark is when it gets good

And now for the song:

It's catchy, you have to admit. When I first discovered it in college my friends and I would sing it like it was a real song by a real band. Hilarity ensues.
As my one-year anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up in September (cue: awwww), I recently had to start looking for a wonderful/fabulous/insightful/creative present to give him. This was easy for me, as I am excellent at picking out gifts. I chose something creative that I knew he would LOVE and then immediately started thinking about what he is going to get for me. [Disclaimer: I LOVE gifts. Love them. Makes me sound selfish, but who doesn't love getting a present from someone that loves them? Or that you love?]

Anyway, this made me think about gift giving in relationships. There are so many different rules and stipulations and regulations it makes my head spin sometimes. "We've only been dating for two months, is it okay if I buy him this iPad?" No. But what do you get him, then, a sweater? What about when you've been dating for five years and you're out of creative presents? Do you start buying each other practical things, like vacuums and packs of boxer shorts? It's a confusing world out there and someone needs to write some sort of practical gift-giving guide for relationships in your 20s. Let's get on that, science.

Today someone told me that they didn't like the Hunger Games and that they thought Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth were unattractive. This is all I have to say:

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