Monday, August 13, 2012

Sharks, because what else is there?

Last night, the Olympics went out with a WONDERFUL performance by the Spice Girls (be still, my beating teenage heart) and...well, not much else worth mentioning. Now, we could all mourn the loss of the single most popular thing to happen to TV for the last two weeks, or we could move on and pay attention to what's important THIS week (and forever, really): IT'S SHARK WEEK, PEOPLE.

Shark Week, also known as the best week of the year, where millions of people tune into watch gigantic animals fly through the air and eat people. However, sharks are not just vicious creatures that stupidly mistake humans for seals and then bite the crap out of them. (Have you seen "Soul Surfer?" That girl doesn't even cry when the shark bites off her arm). They are just animals, living their lives swimming in their vast oceans and BAM, something that looks tasty comes near them when they are hungry. Can you blame them, really? If a gigantic taco sidled up to me when I was starving I would eat it too. And its entire, cheesy family.

This Saturday is finally, FINALLY upon us (in five days). Not only is my cousin getting married (woooo!) but it is also the day the Hunger Games comes out on DVD (FINALLY). I have been waiting for this moment since I saw the movie in theaters with a hundred of Maryland's finest teens and tweens. Perhaps since I read the books for the first (second and third) times. 

I'm not normally one to catch on to the phenomenon book-to-movie franchises, but this one caught my attention because the book combined everything I love reading: it has a love story, violence, an interesting concept and it was easy to read to boot. It was an escape, and if they botch the second movie I will personally stage a legitimate protest. So, the point of this is: read it. And then see the movie. And then you can thank me.

And lastly, Taylor Kitsch:
You're welcome.

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